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Attempts at quantifying social behaviour in the Commons

Over at the fantastic Indicommons blog there has been a flurry of activity around generating data from the various collections in the Commons on Flickr. Patrick Peccatte initially posted on his blog a set of figures extracted using the Flickr API across the institutions in the Commons. Patrick has reworked these figures a little and […]

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Community resilience – the emerging Commons community

Courtney at the National Library of NZ beat me to it but as she writes, Flickr staff and Flickr users have visibly self-organised to grow the Commons on Flickr. There’s a new public Flickr Commons group on Flickr and today, a new Commons blog – Indicommons. These point of presence are acting as meeting places […]

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Exploring Sydney streets – a composite video experiment with the Commons

As we’ve been getting a lot of feedback on these here’s another of Jean-Francois Lanzarone’s video montages composed from detail in our glass plate negatives uploaded to the Commons on Flickr. This is the first one he has finished made up of multiple source images. Again, this is a simple digital storytelling with consumer-grade video […]

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Crossing the 1000 in the Commons

A little while back we crossed the 1000 image mark for our uploads of historic images to the Commons on Flickr. We’ve just started adding a third distinct collection of images – the Phillips Collection (which joins the Tyrrell and Clyde collections). The Phillips Collection is another set of glass plate negatives taken between 1890 […]

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A new collection in the Commons – Clyde Engineering

We’ve just added the start of a new collection of photographs to the Commons on Flickr. The Clyde Engineering Photograph collection is full of photographs of heavy machinery. We’ve uploaded the first 50 to give you a feeling for what will be coming in future weeks. The glass plate negatives in the Clyde photograph collection […]

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Flickr meets Google Street View – Paul Hagon’s Then & Now (or interesting things clever people do with your data #6247)

A week or so ago Paul Hagon got in touch with me to say he’d done something really cool with our geo-coded historical images in the Commons on Flickr. In what he describes as “about 30 minutes of coding” he had taken a KML feed from our Tyrrell photos in the Commons on Flickr and […]


A Commons Slideshow

Flickr has recently enabled the embedding of slideshows which means doing something like this is now really really easy. And you can even go full screen.

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Brooklyn joins the Commons, we hit the 500 mark

The Brooklyn Museum have just joined the Commons on Flickr and some of the material they’ve released is spectacular. Amongst the highlights are some amazing lantern slides of Egypt as well as colourised photographs from the Paris Exposition in 1900. Some of the colourised images are quite surreal. Brookyln have also released some of them […]

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Conversation, the Commons, museum futures, and ‘architectures of participation’

This is a long and sprawling post and comes off the back of two weeks of presentations around the country and a lot of discussions about the ‘future of museums’. Perhaps find a comfortable chair and a hot beverage. Checking my RSS feeds this morning I came across this piece from the Boston Globe which […]

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