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Entries from March 26th, 2010

Building the 80s – a multichannel longitudinal exhibition web presence

March 26th, 2010 Comments Off on Building the 80s – a multichannel longitudinal exhibition web presence

You may have noticed that the posts on Fresh & New(er) have been a little scarce. That’s been because the team has been very busy. We’ve first been building, then running, a WordPress-based magazine-styled website as the final component in the overall exhibition web presence for the Powerhouse’s latest exhibition, The 80s are back. Introducing […]


Roll your own URL shorteners for your museum

March 26th, 2010 5 Comments

Last week I got a tweet from Te Ara asking about URL shorteners as their favoured one,, had stopped accepting URLs. So I’m happy to announce that we’ve implemented our own URL shortener – – for internal use only. Luke had been thinking about this for a couple of months and we’ve been […]


It was only ten years ago – bringing back to life content from an old website

March 22nd, 2010 6 Comments

Ten years ago, one of the first digital projects I had the privilege of working on in a very junior capacity was for the exhibition 1000 Years of the Olympic Games: Treasures of Ancient Greece. Timed to coincide with the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, the heavily sponsored digital component included a virtual reconstruction of […]