A couple of interviews

Occasionally I’ll be interviewed somewhere. Here you can read some of the better ones that capture some of the meta ideas I’m thinking and working around. If you are really keen then Google will turn up others, including videos that I can’t bear to watch.

August 2023 – Art Sense podcast interview about Musuems of Tomorrow Roundtable

February 2023 – Digital Works podcast interview in lead up to the Future of Art, Culture & Technology symposium

July 2021 – Interview in TimeOut

July 2021 – Interview in Arts Hub

March 2021 – Interview in The Age/Sydney Morning Herald

November 2016 – Interview with The Big Idea NZ

October 2016 – Interview with Sandpit

July 2016 – Interview at Florence Guild about digital and VR/AR in museums

December 2015 – long interview with Thomas Padilla for DH+Lib series called Data Praxis

November 2015 – Interview for Broadsheet, Melbourne

October 2015 – Q&A for Museums Association UK

August 2015 – Interview for Offline Rai (in Italian). Starts at 35 mins into the program.

June 2015 – Interview for Concrete Playground

June 2015 – short interview for the Sydney Morning Herald

May 2015 – ‘Museums, the next media companies‘ in The Content Strategist

Apr 2015 – one hour interview on The Museum Life with Carol Bossert on Voice Of America

Apr 2015 – Il Fatto Quotidiano, Italy (in Italian)

Mar 2015 – La Lettura, Italy, (in Italian)

Mar 2015 – transcript of a roundtable discussion about ‘collecting code and software‘ with Artsy

Mar 2015 – walkthrough of the new Cooper Hewitt with Gizmodo

Mar 2015 – short interview with EuropeanaTech

Feb 2015 – long form piece on my team in The Atlantic

April 2014 – Australia Unlimited – interview with AusTrade

November 2013 – Museopunks Episode 8, Intergalactic Planetary, on digital objects

November 2013 – “Transforming into a digital organisation: from zero tech to high tech” interview with Julie Aldridge, CultureHive, UK.

November 2013 – Video interview with Anna Mikhaylova, Ideas 4 Museums, recorded at MuseumNext, May 2013.

September 2013 – Staff profile interview at Cooper-Hewitt

December 2012 – ‘The virtual museum’ interview in Desktop Magazine Australia #289. The 12″ extended version of the interview was posted in two separate parts in Feb 2013. Part 1 / Part 2.

November 2012 – Edits of a wide ranging interview done at Salzburg Global Seminar.

September 2012 – Toursphere ‘thought leader’ interview.

June 2012 – Museum iD interview.

April 2012 – With Elizabeth Merritt, Director of the Center for the Future of Museums on Minnesota Public Radio.

September 2011 – About the tech setup I use on Usesthis.com.

September 2009 – Interview at Digital Ministry.

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