A Commons Slideshow

Flickr has recently enabled the embedding of slideshows which means doing something like this is now really really easy. And you can even go full screen.

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That’s interesting. The National Archvies of Australia has experimented with using the slidshow too, back in April 2008:

but it appears to be a lightly different version of the Flickr app. The one at the NAA also permits comments, and the comments only display on the embedded slideshow, not back at the original Flickr image.

The great advantage of the slidshow you have embedded here is that the images can be viewed at full-screen size, which is even larger than the largest “all sizes” image viewable directly at Flickr or the Powerhouse Museum website, so I find it pretty impressive, spectacular even.

The impact is enhanced by the images you have put into the slideshow, since the most recent images from the Tyrrell collection, that last twenty or so, seem to me to have a better quality of composition to them. It’s good to see slideshow of several different photographic themes too. It wouldn’t have the same impact if it were, say, just pics of the GPO, or of city buildings, or harbour views.

Eeeenteresting. I wonder if they will ever enable the ability to do a video slide show. I suppose I should go check before I ask, but still….

That makes me think. Does powerhouse have much archival video in their vaults? Seems like flickr wouldn’t be the best place to undertake a commons video share, but are you folks considering anything like this in the future?

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