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Kusama’s world of dots – qag

This is so simple but good!

Interactive for Kids!
Coinciding with ‘Made for this World’, the Gallery launches an online interactive based on exhibiting artist Yayoi Kusama’s fascination with dots. Click to play!

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TV Art – Misbehaving TVs!

Check this great art project.

OiTV is a television set that occasionally misbehaves. Sometimes it autonomously changes the channels, other times it moves or rotates the image out of its screen. Glitches and lapses in time occur as much as playback of the live broadcasted content being slowed down, fast forwarded or rewind.

How do you treat a domestic object that doesn’t quite do what you want it to do? Does adjusting the antenna help, or possibly moving or tilting the object? Is hitting the TV in good old-fashioned manner the way to go or do you rather stroke it gently?

OiTV explores user behaviours outside the realm of prescriptive manuals. It does not fulfil the common aspiration for the perfectly working product / technology. Its erroneous and comical behaviour rather tempts you to build up a more individual and possibly even affectionate relationship with a domestic object charged with character and attitude.

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Copyright Takedown Notice Abuse

An interesting report on Chilling Effects and DMCA takedown use/abuse.

Copyright infringement on the Internet is a serious issue— distribution of valuable works can occur in a flash, and value may be difficult to recapture—and the idea of a simple, inexpensive process to handle takedowns is a beguiling one. But at what cost comes this benefit? Our data reveal an unfortunately high incidence of questionable uses of the process. Copyright questions are often very dependant on individual facts. Even a sophisticated and careful sender may send a notice with claims that should be reviewed by a court before the target’s material is removed. In many instances, questionable uses may be unintended: deeper investigation of individual notices reveals that some notice senders simply seem not to understand the parameters of copyright law, and why should they?
Copyright law is an especially complex, nuanced and fact-specific body of legal rules. A clear, rigid, ex ante process such as 512 seems mismatched with a body of law that derives much of its value from flexibility and nuance.

Policy concerns related to questionable takedowns seem likely to increase in importance—however successful or problematic the process is, our data show that its use appears to be rising. Some notices are certainly sent in order to accomplish the paradigmatic goal of 512— the inexpensive takedown of clearly infringing hosted content or links to infringing web sites. But our data also show the process is commonly used for other purposes: to create leverage in a competitive marketplace, to protect rights not given by copyright (or perhaps any other law), and to stifle criticism, commentary and fair use.

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Documentary film making and fair use

Interesting article about a rally for sensible fall backs on fair use provisions for documentary film makers who are being shafted for background music and images that they have no control over.

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Buliding a multimedia site

Interesting story on some journalism students helping to build a historical multimedia website experience.


Camera Phone Inventor

Here’s a short but interesting piece on the inventor of the cameraphone . . . .


First Person: International Digital Storytelling Conference announced Feb, 2006

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image presents:
First Person: International Digital Storytelling Conference Friday 3 Feb – Sunday 5 Feb, 2006

* Over 30 international and national speakers
* Workshops and Masterclass
* Keynote: John O’Neal, Leading US civil rights activist, director, actor and playwright
* Conference Thematics
* Broadcast convergence: new forms of storytelling
* Storytelling and the digital generation
* Democratisation and documentation of voice
* Who should attend
* Digital Storytelling practitioners
* Storytelling enthusiasts
* Community broadcasters
* Media artists
* Academics (Media, Games, Museums, History, Cultural Studies)
* Community Development practitioners
* Policy makers and advocates (Arts, Education, Health, Community Development)
* Telecommunications providers

For a full list of speakers or to register visit

Cost $165 / $95

Hanne Gullerud
Conference Assistant
Australian Centre for the Moving Image
film > television > web > games > new media > art [direct phone] 61 3 8663 2332 [fax] 61 3 8663 2498 [email] [street address] Alfred Deakin Building, Federation Square, Flinders Street,Melbourne, VIC, 3000 [postal address] PO Box 14, Flinders Lane, VIC, 8009, Australia