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Museum collection meets library catalogue: Powerhouse collection now integrated into Trove

The National Library of Australia’s Trove is one of those projects that it is only after it is built and ‘live in the world’ that you come to understand just how important it is. At its most basic,Trove provides a meta-search of disparate library collections across Australia as well as the cultural collections of the […]

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Sharing with SepiaTown – historical images re-mapped

Early in the year when I visited Josh Greenberg and the digital team at the New York Public Library, I was told about SepiaTown. One of quite a few ‘Then & Now’ web projects (see also History Pin), SepiaTown puts historic images back on the (Google) map, also using Google Street View to connect the […]

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Suggestify – fixing incorrectly geotagged locations

Flickr has been on fire recently with the addition of ‘Galleries’. Galleries have been put to great use – apparently 25,000 galleries in the first week – including the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s lovely Astrophotography gallery and, of course, those around the Sydney dust storm, Now Aaron Straup-Cope, also of Flickr, has released an alpha version […]

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Some clarifications on our experience with ‘free’ content

Over on the Gov2 blog a comment was posted that asked for more information about our experience at the Powerhouse with ‘giving away content’ for free. I’d be interested to know more about your experience with Flickr and your resulting sales increase. Are these print sales or licensing sales? And are they sales, through your […]

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Some thoughts: post #GLAM-WIKI 2009

Photography by Paula Bray License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 (Post by Paula Bray) Seb and I have just spent two days at a conference, in the nation’s rather chilly capital that involved a bunch of Wikimedians (wonder what that would be called) and members from the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries and Museum sector) sector. […]

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Virtuous circle – from visitor to speaker

This short post is for everyone who naively asks about the “ROI of social media” and whether “websites can be proven to result in museum visitation”. Two years ago Bob Meade wasn’t a regular visitor to the Museum (despite being directly in one of our “target demographics”) let alone a user of our website. Then […]

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Digital graffiti or derivative art? Notes on a skeleton

A pretty innocuous and humorous image from our Phillips Collection in the Commons on Flickr with a lot of views – nearly 33,000. A quick mouseover reveals this hodge podge of notes. Is this graffiti? Should they be removed? Would removal just be ‘feeding the trolls‘? Are they doing it for the lulz? Or is […]

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Farewell George Oates

Everyone here at the Powerhouse Museum was shocked today to hear that George Oates, the architect of the Commons on Flickr (and former designer behind Flickr), was laid off by Yahoo. Only last week was she presenting to our staff. George was the conceptual mind behind the Commons – her ideas, passion and drive to […]

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ABC Innovation’s Sidetracks – a mobile heritage pilot featuring some Powerhouse content

ABC Innovation has launched their Sydney Sidetracks project. This is a lovely experiment in developing a mobile heritage application which takes some of the archives of ABC TV and Radio and combines them with static imagery and research from the cultural heritage partners – Powerhouse Museum, State Library of NSW, National Film & Sound Archives, […]

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User experience is all that matters – a reminder about content, search and users

Scott Karp over at Publishing 2.0 has been griping about his experience using his local newspaper website which just so happens to be the Washington Post. Driven by a desire to find out about power cuts as a result of storm, Karp was unable to quickly find what he wanted, and thus turned to other […]