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Virtuous circle – from visitor to speaker

This short post is for everyone who naively asks about the “ROI of social media” and whether “websites can be proven to result in museum visitation”.

Two years ago Bob Meade wasn’t a regular visitor to the Museum (despite being directly in one of our “target demographics”) let alone a user of our website.

Then we released a bunch of photographs to the Commons on Flickr. These peaked Bob’s interest and reminded him that the Museum existed in his very own home town. (You can read more about that in an interview with Bob from last year – part one, part two.)

Now he’s speaking at one of our weekend talks!

Bob is blogging the prospective content (and museum favourites) of his talk over at his own blog.

It is important to understand that this wasn’t the result of a (social media) “marketing strategy” – it was the result of making valuable museum content broadly available and then engaging our communities in honest, personal conversations.

If you are in Sydney, then come along and hear him speak on September 6.