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  • It’s interesting too because not only does Flickr have an active community, but it’s also searched loads by researchers, journalists and bloggers, so I’d imagine that, once on Flickr, the images are much more likely to be reused elsewhere. Which isn’t necessarily all that beneficial to the institution involved (there’s no requirement to credit), but it’s arguably beneficial to the world as a whole.

  • Hey Seb, not sure how much you are on Flickr, but they have posted on some progress.

  • It looks great – at the PictureAustralia Steering Committee meeting last week we had a great discussion about Australian options for a similiar aproach. Great to see some American innovation from the top! – see you in Sydney at the AM.

  • Seb, been going through the blog after looing at the Commons project and seeing that Powerhouse were an early adoptor.

    My state government dept. is intending to develop a useful way of managing it’s digital media and a Flickr account, with this sort of approach seems ideal.

    Much of the material would be publicly available and without copyright issues.

    But other images would need to be controlled, either with respect to copyright or not publicly available.

    How do you envisage The Commons will approach these issues?