Folksonomies Web 2.0

OPAC2.0 – New feature – similar searches

Take a look at the new ‘related searches’ feature on our collection search.

Now a search for ‘glass‘ will these ‘similar searches’ –

glassware vase bottles bowl bowls

This result will change over time. Hopefully we will implement a timescale simulator in our upcoming ‘experimental’ browsing section which will allow users to view the changing search language over time.

How does it work?

Because we keep a large store of relationships between search terms and clicked objects, we are able to reverse query terms such as ‘glass’ and see what terms have been used to find similar objects. We currently show only the top 5 terms – aggregated – which lessens the probability of ‘false drops’. False drops are most likely to occur for uncommon search terms although this will change over time, too.

Does this use folksonomy tags?

Yes. We allow user tags to be included in the search terms and from time to time certain objects will be most visited as a result of their user tag.