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Current dialogues

Its a busy time at the museum at the moment with the Great Wall of China exhibition coming up in a few weeks. And there are a lot of deadlines so here’s a couple of interesting blog posts I’ve been reading recently.

Andrew McAfee from Harvard Business School leaps to the defense of experimentation of social media like blogs and wikis within organisations. There has been a lot of talk about the internal impacts of these web technologies within museums – usually about the visitor/curator interaction that results – but there may also be some interesting lessons to be learned from IBM and other knowledge companies that have rolled out social media within their organisations to better implement knowledge management internally. And what are museums if they are not centrally about knowledge management?

Fascinating dialogue between Ulises Ali Mejias and Raph Koster following from a multi-person discussion piece in Harpers about video games and literacy.

Also, the American blogosphere has been full of discussion about changes at Facebook. As usual it is Fred Stutzman and danah boyd who offer some great meta-ideas around the how it is users who own social networks (at least at the moment).