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Duke University Podcasting Symposium Webcast

There’s a lot of ‘cast’ in the title.

Here are a stack of videos from Duke University’s recent symposium on podcasting. Of particular relevance are the technical and podcasting in the classroom sessions.

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Totally customisable keyboard

Total customisation . . . . . (courtesy Tom)

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Useful web design stuff

Nerds ahoy.

A List Apart

Type Tester

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Re-edited movie trailers

Here’s some entries for a little competition where movie trailers were re-edited to change the genre of the film. They are quite amazing. (originally from Snarkmarket)

The Shining (winner) –

West Side Story –

Titianic –


Here’s a link to the New York Times article on it.

Robert Ryang, 25, a film editor’s assistant in Manhattan, graduated from Columbia three years ago with a double major in film studies and psychology. This week, he got an eye-opening lesson in both.

Since 2002, Mr. Ryang has worked for one of the owners of P.S. 260, a commercial postproduction house, cutting commercials for the likes of Citizens Bank, Cingular and the TriBeCa Film Festival.

A few weeks back, he said, he entered a contest for editors’ assistants sponsored by the New York chapter of the Association of Independent Creative Editors. The challenge? Take any movie and cut a new trailer for it — but in an entirely different genre. Only the sound and dialogue could be modified, not the visuals, he said.

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Ubu Web – Open Art Archive


As they explain themselves, Ubuweb is “the definitive source for Visual, Concrete + Sound Poetry”. Check it out and be amazed, and listen and watch some of out of print music and video and text from a slew of artists whose names will be familiar but whose work is notoriously hard to get hold of.

UbuWeb has no need for money, funding or backers. Our web space is provided by an alliance of interests sympathetic to our vision. Donors with an excess of bandwidth contribute to our cause. All labour and editorial work is voluntary; no money changes hands. Totally independent from institutional support, UbuWeb is free from academic bureaucracy and its attendant infighting, which often results in compromised solutions; we have no one to please but ourselves.

UbuWeb posts much of its content without permission; we rip out-of-print LPs into sound files; we scan as many old books as we can get our hands on; we post essays as fast as we can OCR them. UbuWeb is an unlimited resource with unlimited space to fill. It is in this way that the site has grown to encompass hundreds of artists, hundreds of gigabytes of sound files, books, texts and videos.

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Roland TB303 & Amen Videos

Check these great little videos from Nate Harrison –

Nate Harrison is an interdisciplinary artist working with electronic media. He has worked on projects and exhibited for The American Museum of Natural History, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Experience Music Project, Seattle, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, BIAS Sound Collective, Taiwan, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, PBS, Showtime and various independent film projects. In 1997 Nate founded the New York electronic music microlabel töshöklabs, which has been featured in publications such as XLR8R, URB and CMJ. He has also recorded music for the CO.AD and Record Camp labels. Currently Nate co-directs ESTHETICS AS A SECOND LANGUAGE ( He earned his B.F.A. from the University of Michigan and his M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts. Nate lives and works in Los Angeles.

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The kids are coming up from behind

This makes me feel very very old.

Mobile phones meets myspace . . . . make your own media channel, share it, pour content into it from your camera phone, send GPS or triangulated position data from your phone cell.

Rabble is here.

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A new DASE . . .

Yes . . . someone has finally done what DASE did 5 years ago.

Its called Ninjam.

Its cross platform and uses Ogg Vobis for compression and does recording live too.

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Media art from Sonar 2005

I’ve been in Spain for the past week running a stand at Sonar 2005, the annual festival of ‘advanced music and multimedia arts’, where I was promoting Australian electronic music etc.

They had some excellent displays of recent net and media art around the theme of landscapes and datascapes . . . . and here are the relevant URLs for the net art pieces.

There are some amazing things here, the datascapes projects use and re-present/manipulate data from various ‘free’ data sources such as political donation databases and senator profiles in the USA to explore the connections between lobbyists and the political process (Exxon Secrets and State Machine); whilst others manipulate news databases (NewsMap) and online storage services (various Flickr projects).

Most need either Flash or Java VM.


– Life: A User’s Manual – here
– American Mile Markers – here
– GPS Drawing – here
– The Degree Confluence Project – here
– Peter Gomes’ Locative Media – here
– Richard Fenwick’s RND#04 – here


– FlickrGraph – here
– ZipDecode – here
– ExxonSecrets – here
– 10×10 – here
– Baby Name Wizard Voyager – here
– Flickr Related Tag Browser – here
– Tree – here
– StateMachine – here

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Magpie is an experimental tool for interacting with semantic web pages – it enables users to explore relationships and knowledge about interesting concepts found on a web page.

Find out more and download Magpie for Mozilla or IE (yuk)

This is the kind of thing we could really use as part of the delivery of PHM web content for exhibitions, collections, specialist services (eg SoundByte) for communicating specialist information to non-specialist and education audiences.