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Media art from Sonar 2005

I’ve been in Spain for the past week running a stand at Sonar 2005, the annual festival of ‘advanced music and multimedia arts’, where I was promoting Australian electronic music etc.

They had some excellent displays of recent net and media art around the theme of landscapes and datascapes . . . . and here are the relevant URLs for the net art pieces.

There are some amazing things here, the datascapes projects use and re-present/manipulate data from various ‘free’ data sources such as political donation databases and senator profiles in the USA to explore the connections between lobbyists and the political process (Exxon Secrets and State Machine); whilst others manipulate news databases (NewsMap) and online storage services (various Flickr projects).

Most need either Flash or Java VM.


– Life: A User’s Manual – here
– American Mile Markers – here
– GPS Drawing – here
– The Degree Confluence Project – here
– Peter Gomes’ Locative Media – here
– Richard Fenwick’s RND#04 – here


– FlickrGraph – here
– ZipDecode – here
– ExxonSecrets – here
– 10×10 – here
– Baby Name Wizard Voyager – here
– Flickr Related Tag Browser – here
– Tree – here
– StateMachine – here