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Magpie is an experimental tool for interacting with semantic web pages – it enables users to explore relationships and knowledge about interesting concepts found on a web page.

Find out more and download Magpie for Mozilla or IE (yuk)

This is the kind of thing we could really use as part of the delivery of PHM web content for exhibitions, collections, specialist services (eg SoundByte) for communicating specialist information to non-specialist and education audiences.

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Hi Basil

thanks seems like another cool idea. I always get stuck with trying to determine the immediate next steps but I guess there’s a setup phase where terms are tagged on eg soundbyte, then the site is promoted to users as ‘magpie ready’. Of course, we would ideally aim to move away from such heavily text based sites, but in reality there must always be muchos text eg glossary.



Tis a cool idea Pete … next step would be creating a glossary (could be specific to a particular project or there could be a general Powerhouse glossary that gets added to over time). There may be ways to auto generate glossaries or derive them from elsewhere.

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