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Powerhouse Museum collection WordPress plugin goes live!

Today the first public beta of our WordPress collection plugin was released into the wild.

With it and a free API key anyone can now embed customised collection objects in grids in their WordPress blog. Object grids can be placed in posts and pages, or even as a sidebar widget – and each grid can have different display parameters and contents. It even has a nice friendly backend for customising, and because we’re hosting it through WordPress, when new features are added it will be able to be auto-upgraded through your blog’s control panel!

Here it is in action.

So, if you have a WordPress blog and feel like embedding some objects, download it, read the online documentation, and go for it.

(Update 22/1/11: I’ve added a new post explaining the backstory and rationale for those who are interested)

6 replies on “Powerhouse Museum collection WordPress plugin goes live!”

Ahead of the game and setting the standards again Seb (and no doubt team). Have already put it to good use with a short post and example on my vintage photos site –

I did spot a few things, and especially I must say I found it difficult tying up the fields available in the pop-up editor with anything in the API documentation, but I’ll drop you a line next week via email with more specific feedback.

Great work!

Thanks James – especially for trying it out so quickly!

I’ll be posting a ‘Why we did it” post shortly. Carlos is primarily responsible for the WP development and the API with Luke doing the collection database work. They deserve the props!

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