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Calling all curators – a quick survey of attitudes

One of my colleagues at the Powerhouse, curator Erika Dicker, is writing a paper for Museums and the Web 2010 on the impact of some aspects of digital on day to day curatorial practice. Some F&N readers will know Erika is the editor of the Powerhouse’s Object of the Week blog, and her paper uses it as one example of how even simple blogging can impact greatly on traditional practice in sometimes unexpected ways.

To this end she is conducting a survey and would be thrilled if your curatorial colleagues around the world could spend ten minutes and fill it out.

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It would be great to include another query in the survey along the lines of: Do you monitor what’s said about your work (e.g. a given exhibition) or institution via social media? And if so, does this info inform your decision-making in any way?

Would be fascinating to know…

Looks like a great survey – will do my best to get some responses for you. Would it be possible to send me the text of the survey? Can’t see the whole thing on the site, without filling it out.


Thanks everyone for passing this around!

That would have been a great question. I do see this as a survey and paper that may need a follow up asking more specific questions.

Beth- I will email you a copy of the questions.

thanks again!

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