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1000th Tyrrell image in the Commons (1265 released in total)

Bayswater Road, Darlinghurst
(Bayswater Rd, Darlinghurst, circa 1900)

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(Same location today-ish)

Today we released 24 more images into our pool in the Commons on Flickr. That wouldn’t be such a milestone – we release more each week – but we’ve finally released the 1000th image from the Tyrrell photographic collection.

We’ve now got 1,265 of our images out there in total and we’re up to 1 million views since April 2008 – that’s views of photographs that either weren’t available at all or received what we now understand to have been meagre exposure via our website and Picture Australia. (We thought 31,000 views a year of the 260 odd images we had was pretty good previously!)

We’ve been uploading a bunch of other collections and here’s one of my recent favourites from the Phillips collection – it is a bit creepy and I expect/hope it’ll be remixed into some great new configurations.

Portrait of a boy wearing a mask holding a rifle

(Portrait of a boy wearing a mask holding a rifle, circa 1900)

And of course you can still buy our ‘print on demand’ book of the first year of our Commons photographs.

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Congratulations on passing the 1000th mark! State Records NSW doesn’t have photos in the Commons on Flickr but we have a regular Flickr account to which we upload digital scans of images and records from our collection

I agree about the massive exposure Flickr brings to the collection rather than simply relying on our website. We’ve still got a long way to go to 1000…

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