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Twitter information for your users – good practice from Mosman Municipal Council

Mosman Council has been doing some great stuff with social media and today Laurel Papworth pointed out their ‘Twitter policy’ that is on their website. They are one of the exemplars of local government social media in Australia – despite being a local government area with a higher-than-average older demographic.

Their information page about the Council’s use of Twitter clearly sets out

– who is tweeting on behalf of the Council (the web team based at the Library)
– why they are doing it
– their reply policy
– how to stop them following you

The clarity here is excellent and a model to base your own institution’s Twitter information page on. I am also impressed that they have experimented and been open about the difference between Twitter communication and more ‘traditional’ forms of contacting Council – this ‘evolutionary’ approach is to be commended.

2 replies on “Twitter information for your users – good practice from Mosman Municipal Council”

L. Papworth and her commenters seem to take the opposite view to you about MMC’s twitter policy. Making fun of it etcetera.

However a check of MMC’s actual twitter feed reveals they are making a pretty good effort though and using it for appropriate purposes too. Mainly push, but some pull too.

At least MMC is out there making an effort.

While the demographic is mainly *older*, there is also a far higher than average smartphone concentration [by my own visual survey ], making it a ripe field for twitter.

Twitter may well have their own penetration figures, but I’ve not seen anything down to local government or urban level.

I agree – to be commended.

Good point about Mosman Council looking after the older demographic – I hadn’t thought of that…

And I didn’t make fun of it – I asked if they were necessary in a world of distributed activity – where most people wouldn’t be able to find the Policies (Mosman changed the location of them after that, so clearly it was helpful). The commenters varied greatly in their responses.

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