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One year in the Commons on Flickr – statistics and . . . a book!


Today we celebrate one year in the Commons on Flickr.

Since April 8 last year we’ve uploaded 1,171 photos (382 geotagged) from four different archival photographic collections. These have been viewed 777,466 times! For photographs that had been either hidden away on our website (the original 270 Tyrrell photographs on our website were viewed around 37,000 times on our site in 2007), or not yet even catalogued and digitised this is a fantastic result. And that’s not even scratching the surface of the amazing extra information and identifications, mashups, new work and more that has come from the community participation.

To celebrate we’ve published a 78 page book!

The book was published using print-on-demand service Blurb and comes as a softcover or two different hardcovers – it is your choice! Inside there are a range of photographs alongside their individual statistics, user comments and some of the stories of discovery that have come from the first year in the Commons.

Our Photo of the Day blog is giving away 10 copies and you can buy copies for your friends over at Blurb.

I’d personally like to thank everyone at the Powerhouse who have supported our involvement in the Commons and helped make available so many photographs. I’d also like to thank the enthusiastic Flickr community who have so enthusiastically embraced these historical images; Paul Hagon for his mashup;the staff at Flickr (esp George, Dan and Aaron); and the Indicommons crew.

Without all of you this would never have happened.

4 replies on “One year in the Commons on Flickr – statistics and . . . a book!”

Yay! Happy Anniversary, Powerhouse! It’s been an exciting year, and you folks are definitely a power-Commons institution. Congrats, and looking forward to another fun year.

Congratulations Seb, Paula et al – that’s awesome.

I think the POD book is such a great way to celebrate not just the power of The Commons to bring these collection treasures to way more people than our own collection sites can, but also the informative, touching, funny, and insightful contributions that Flickr members (and yeah – a round of applause for the the Indicommons group in particular) make.

A wonderful community has been created that didn’t exist 12 months ago. It couldn’t have formed without all your hard work. Thank you for the amazing journey you’ve taken us on & congratulations!

Yay! Congrats on the Anniversary and I absolutely love the book!
What a genius idea to include some of the fun flickr interaction.

And here’s to your second Commons year, yeh Gods of the Powerhouse!

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