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Intgerating Twitter tweets into blog comments

Backtype has just released the very first 0.1 version of a WordPress plugin that integrates tweets and retweets as well as comments on other blogs into the comment stream of your original WordPress posts.

I’ve been trialling an install and you can see it in action on a post like this one. Notice that the tweets are interleaved with comments on the blog itself – it even deciphers shortened URLs. (And in case you were wondering which URL shortener is the best check out this article from Searchengineland – hat tip Chloe Sasson!)

This sort of cross-site conversation tracking is becoming increasingly important in a world where tweets are easier and more common than on-blog comments. I’ll be watching with interest to see how the plugin evolves.

A word of caution before you go and roll it out on all your blogs – consider the additional moderation that seeing every public tweet and offsite comment is going to create for you!

3 replies on “Intgerating Twitter tweets into blog comments”

This sounded great so I tried to install it but I found that plugins are only available to people using WordPress software, not people blogging through the WordPress site.

I used CoverITLive when I blogged from the TCSC conference Now I can’t remove it w/out losing everything and all my posts appear underneath it. While it was a good experiment I hope blogger comes up with something ike this too.

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