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  • Tom Tague from Calais here.

    Wow. We love it. We had a whole crowd of people hunched over a screen playing with it this afternoon. Always a big boost to see your tools actually deployed in the real world.

    Please give us updates as you learn about what works well and what doesn’t. We are continuously updating the metadata generation engine and have the opportunity to fix (some) things pretty quickly.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see this deployed across multiple organization’s collections and consolidated into a single view? You could search / navigate by similar objects across the whole collection universe.

    Let us know if we can help.


  • Nice work Seb (and team). I’ve been musing on how we might use OpenCalais (and when) and whilst what you’ve done is obviously a first stab, to see what’s useful and what could be improved, it’s really exciting. Am I right in thinking that the tags from Calais aren’t necessarily terms found in that text? It looks that way, and I figured that’s how it’s useful i.e. it doesn’t just identify terms of a given type, but returns related terms (Sydney or cellular telephone, for instance). In which case, do the links for each of those terms use the RDF you’ve stored as part of their search, or is this a straighforward OPAC search?
    Good work, you’ve put down a marker (again)!

  • Hi Jeremy

    Firstly, OpenCalais makes explicit the relationships between things and this is what makes it really useful. These relationships do not pre-exist in an explicit way in most of our collection records, no matter however rich they are. It also makes a good stab at disambiguating some of the content.

    Secondly, we use the RDF but currently don’t expose this in the front end – mainly because we’re still working on making it useful. The RDF becomes particularly useful when we start talking beyond our own PHM collection – because we have no control over external search, but do have a lot of control over internal search. And that’s what we’re working on now (and will have things to show very soon).