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Upcoming talks and presentations (November/December)

If you missed any of the recent conference presentations in Australia, the Powerhouse’s web technologies, strategy and expertise will be discussed/dissected/analysed at the following (public) events.

On Saturday December 1 at Focus Fest 2007 Agent Provocateurs I will be presenting under the theme ‘Provoking a shift in the dialogue:
Art audiences, galleries and the web’ which will look at the new ways in which art museums are engaging audiences online, as well as how new audiences are making new demands of cultural institutions on the web.

On Wednesday December 5 at Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration World 2007, I will be presenting under the theme of ‘Web 2.0 for Government and Non-profits’ examining how Web 2.0 opens up considerable new opportunities for service delivery, marketing and citizen engagement, but brings with it significant challenges.

If you are attending either of these feel free to get in touch.