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A collection counting game for children

October 27th, 2007 by Seb Chan

During the recent school holidays we rolled out yet another simple game for young children over at our children’s website – Play at Powerhouse.

This one is called Counting with Zoe & Cogs. Like previous games on the Play at Powerhouse site it revolves around the Museum’s two children’s mascots – Zoe, a girl representing the local community, and Cogs, a robot that represents the Museum’s knowledge and collection.

The game is very simple – count collection objects under a specific theme to build a display.

This is another in a series of quick turnaround, simple website interactives used to build familiarity with the Museum’s mascots and children’s brand, as well as teach basic memory and computer operation/coordination skills. They complement a range of offline craft activities that can be downloaded from the Make & Do part of the website.

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