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Visualising sound and music – visualisation tools

The big news around the internet at the present, apart from Microsoft’s Surface, is that Last.Fm has been bought out by CBS. Hopefully that isn’t going to mean the closing down of their current open policy towards data sharing and use.

One of the coolest data visualisation applications for is one that creates a rather stunning layered histogram of your tracked listening habits. Originally this popped up as an art project by Lee Byron at Carnegie Mellon, but now you can create your own visualisations via this nifty little program written by a 23 year old, albeit a little rougher.

Here’s my listening habits based on my Top 50 most listened to artists, averaged monthly,for the last 12 months.

Top 50 for the last 12 months

(click for larger)

I’m very excited about generating one of these layered histograms based on object usage in our collection database . . . . stay tuned.

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