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M&W07 – Planning for Social Media in Museums workshop

Angelina Russo, Jerry Watkins and I have just finished presenting our Planning for Social Media in Museums workshop.

The slides for those who came are packaged as a PDF for download.

The workshop was designed to get people thinking about ways of planning for and overcoming the hurdles that inevitably need to be negotiated when deploying social media technologies to meet a strategic objective within a museum.

One reply on “M&W07 – Planning for Social Media in Museums workshop”

Thank you all very much for such an inspirational workshop! Between time/budget restraints and loss-of-authority concerns, it seems to me that it is very nearly impossible to gain consensus within our organization about how we could/should be using social media (which is, I think, a far more descriptive term than Web 2.0!) Each presenter was excellent, but as a webmaster, I was most encouraged by the remarks of Sebastian, who gave me a sense of confidence that turning museum folk away from Web 1.0 and into the outskirts, at least, of Web 2.0 can be done. It will require commitment, tact, political savvy, and perseverance, but it can be done. In fact, I am prepared now to go back and begin sneaking it in a little bit at a time, without severely disrupting anyone’s work schedule or ruffling too many feathers.

I’m looking forward to Sebastian’s presentation this afternoon, too, by the way!

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