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100 other search engines

SEO consultant Charles Knight reminds us that there are many other search engines that Google, Yahoo, MSN search.

Knight classifies these alternative search options into several categories – recommendation engines (social searching), metasearch (multiple searches through one interface), AI and human search (ask a question, get a ‘real’ answer), clustering searches (which give you new ways of navigating results), and of course those that search a niche subset of web content.

The list is worth a peruse – whilst Google may, at least in Australia, massively dominate the general web search space (Google and its geographic variants represents well over 90% of search traffic to Powerhouse Museum) – this almost certainly will not always be the case in the future.

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Yes there are several other search engines but when i saw stats in Google Analytics I just see that visitors comes mainly from not even from yahoo or msn.

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