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Easy posting to multiple blogs with Ecto

A few readers have asked me around the traps to recommend some good software to make posting to blogs a bit easier and faster.

I use a lovely bit of shareware called Ecto. It is cross platform and plugs into almost any known blogging platform and offers a swag of useful features especially if you are like me and post to several blogs regularly.

Although WordPress has a manageable backend, where Ecto really comes in handy is in drafting multiple posts. On one of my blogs (not Fresh + New), I may start writing a post and then leave it as a draft for several days whilst writing another two drafts. Ecto keeps them all securely on my laptop ready to go. Also, it has the rather essential as-you-go spell checking.

One reply on “Easy posting to multiple blogs with Ecto”

Thanks Seb, looks good. I’ll definitely use it at home on my Mac. We’ll look into it at work too. We’ve a couple of new blogs now in development for other exhibitions. One will launch soon (‘Focus’). The whole editing thing has been a learning experience for us in WordPress and Ecto looks to have quite a few features that we’d find really useful for future blogging. It is all really new to us and a very rich learning experience as I’m sure you’d agree.

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