Folksonomies Web 2.0

OPAC2.0: A better search is here

Today we finally ironed out one of the major problems with the search engine on our OPAC2.0/collection database.

There are still some tweaks to be done on the results, and the advanced search needs to implemented but the new search is much better than the original.

If you have some spare moments and feel like trying a few searches, please do so. If something odd happens then I’d welcome your thoughts in a comment on this post.

Next up for OPAC2.0 is the presentation of ‘other search terms similar to X’ and ‘others who searched for X looked at’ alongside search results. We have already implemented this on Design Hub and have the code and data ready to go.

Then it is on to adding a automatic spell checker for the folksonomy tags to reduce post-user tag editing.