Folksonomies Web 2.0

OPAC2.0 Quick log charting of object popularity

A few weeks back I posted an initial chart showing distributions of object usage on our OPAC2.0.

Here’s a quick updated chart but done with logarhythmic scales on both axes.

MS Excel seems to only cope with 32,000 values on one axis so it cuts off artificially at 32,000 (out of 55,134 objects viewed of the total 61,780 currently available)

Some other useful data:
Total object views to date = 1,776,259
Max views for single object = 2104 (Delta Goodrem dress)
Average views per object = 28.751
Standard deviation = 40.819
Median views = 19

Popularity drops below 10 views at rank 39,313 (not shown on graph as a result of Excel limitations)

Already there is a clear line emerging which droops around the 20K rank point – which indicates that there is still some way to go with driving traffic down to the more obscure objects in the tail. The bump at the head is the result of objects that are receiving abnormally large amounts of traffic – the Delta Goodrem dress, the Nu-U bra (the one from 1957) – as a result of time-specific cultural factors.