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Sydney Observatory astronomy blog launched

The Sydney Observatory’s new astronomy-related news blog is now live.

Maintained by Nick Lomb, Melissa Hulbert, Geoff Wyatt, Toner Stevenson and Martin Anderson and contributed to by their keenest casual staff and astronomers, the blog is intended to operate as a way of allowing the Observatory to quickly respond to current events in astronomy and the night sky as well as new discoveries by local amateur groups and affiliated societies.

The blog will also assist the Observatory in building a reputation as an aggregator and filter of important astronomy related news for this part of the world leading to more interest in visiting the physical site. It offers very low barriers to participation for Observatory staff and volunteers and greatly increases their ability to publish and comment on current astronomical and night sky happennings.

The blog is based on the success of other astronomy blogs, both professional and amateur, and the success of of other museums and science centres in this area.

The more web-savvy amongst its readers can subscribe to RSS feeds to receive content directly to their newsreaders as it is written.