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New public facing blog at Powerhouse Museum

Photo by Brendan Fletcher.

In conjunction with our upcoming Great Wall of China exhibition the Powerhouse Museum has launched a new public-facing blog called Walking The Wall.

The Walking the Wall blog is an online travel diary being written over the next 6 months as Brendan Fletcher and Emma Nicholas walk the 3000 kilometres of the Great Wall. Using a mobile phone connection to the internet, Brendan and Emma will be posting images and diary entries every few days as they progress. In regions with little or no coverage they will use other technologies to connect and write.

The blog allows readers to send them comments and ask questions along the journey.

It is also proposed that it will be available in the gallery during the exhibition for physical visitors to browse through their journey and communicate with them as well.

It is envisaged that the blog will not only give readers an insight into the the experience of the Wall right now, but also drive interest in the exhibition by reaching Great Wall and China enthusiasts who may not otherwise be reached through traditional channels.

Add it to your RSS feeds and keep up with the travels along the Wall.