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Digital to analogue – snail mail

Shiny Letter is a new Web 2.0 startup. They have the requisite rounded corners, the perpetual ‘beta’, and a reflective logo.

What is interesting about them is the service they provide. It is truly analogue.

You write a letter (up to 4 pages long) then choose a font. Pay them US$2 on your credit card or PayPal and they will print it out and post, yes post!, it to any worldwide destination.

Its a novel and quirky idea.

One reply on “Digital to analogue – snail mail”

Novel *and* quirky indeed! Although, I must admit, it seems like a rather convoluted process to me. Surely if their clients are adept at typing up a 4-page letter, then they are also able to compose an email? Or, heaven forbid, print and mail it themselves? What a strange business idea, I hope you can give us some feedback on its success in the future.

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