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Trends in web technology visualised as the Tokyo rail network

Information Architects Japan have produced a lovely and witty map of the most popular websites on the Net at the present time. Unlike a lot of other similar projects they have used the Tokyo JR network map as a visualisation method meaning that if you know the JR lines you can make further inferences about the ‘stations’ . . . If you have been to Tokyo you will know which are the ‘cool’ parts of town, and which appeal to different demographics.

The interactive HTML version is particularly useful, and they have included a whole slew of sites that are usually missing from other ‘maps’.

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Prometeus – the Media Revolution

Here’s another take on ‘the media revolution’. Prometeus reminds me of a more uptopian view of the fantastical EPIC2014‘s Googlezon dystopia of a few years ago. In Prometeus, Google buys Microsoft instead of Amazon while Amazon buys Yahoo.

Possibly even more interesting than the future thinking ideas contained in these viral narrowcasts is their increasing graphical sophistication and their enormous reach. Motion graphics are becoming the printed manifesto of old.

(Prometeus link originally via Ross Dawson)