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Six weeks in and Cooper-Hewitt Labs launches

The last six weeks have been a bit of a blur – settling into a new city, a new job, trying to find proper coffee nearby (still unsuccessful!). As you do in a new job, my first weeks have been spent looking at the lie of the land and analysing the data available about the land itself (and configuring better data collection tools if the data you have isn’t suitably illuminating).

The Cooper-Hewitt has just closed its last exhibition for a little while and the focus is firmly on the museum’s re-building and getting all the back of house digital infrastructure up to date and in order.

The question that underpins most of what comes after that is clearly – “how can a museum make the most of online and digital operations when its buildings are closed?”.

So . . .

Today we launched a new blog over at the Cooper-Hewitt – Cooper-Hewitt Labs. This one focusses on the work my team is doing – and the challenges that lie ahead. Being the Labs, we’re going to be undertaking a range of experiments that we’re going to need your help with, as well as offering some opportunities to intern with us (hint! hint!).

Go check out the Cooper-Hewitt Labs. (And don’t forget to leave a little offering for the tanuki while you are there.)

(awesome animated gif by Fealoki!)

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