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AR drone test flights – flying over the collection

If you’ve been following some of us on Twitter you will know that the Digital teams have been experimenting with different kinds of consumer-grade filming technologies to offer new ways of seeing behind the scenes at the Museum.

We’ve had the camera-mounted robot cockroach that scuttles underneath large objects to view the undersides of things, and the iPad/iPhone controlled consumer-grade Parrot AR Drone which flies over and around objects.

Here’s some footage of a few test flights in the Castle Hill storage facility.

As you will see the resolution and framerates are currently too low for this sort of footage to be really useful. However this is early days and we think the idea of flying cameras around and through the collection has a lot of potential.

In fact, beyond the collection potential, our lighting technicians immediately saw the potential of using such drones to check the settings on light fittings usually only accessible with ladders and scaffolding.

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 Hmmm I think its far less exciting than this
where potentially human “drones” could be used to open drawers and get in and around specimens and objects in a way that these drones will never be capable of.

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