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Upcoming talks & workshops for Qtr 1 2011

I’ve got a bunch of talks and workshops coming up in the coming months on a range of topics. I hope you can join me for some of them.

February 1-4 ALIA 2011 Information Online
Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour

This year I’m really excited to be doing one of the keynotes at the bi-annual ALIA conference – Information Online 2011. Run by the Australia Library and Information Association this is the biggest library online-related conference in Australia. I’m looking forward to hearing about all the changes going on in the library world and some of the transformations that are occurring through better service design, ebooks, and metadata analysis.

At ALIA I’m also running my Web Metrics for Collecting Institutions workshop for the first time in Sydney (actually the first time in Australia), having evolved it for several years overseas.

March 15-16 IQPC Mobile Applications 2011
Dockside, Sydney

One of the rapidly growing ‘mobile conferences’ happening around the traps, I’m speaking at this one along with Jonny Brownbill from Museum Victoria. We’re the only two ‘non-profit’ speakers but I’m looking forward to seeing where the travel, retail, and finance sectors, especially, are thinking about in the mobile space. I’m going to be speaking about medium and long-term value creation and service transformation as the most exciting opportunities of mobile versus short term campaign and event-driven marketing and sales efforts. No doubt the speakers from Fairfax and the BBC will be talking about these sorts of issues too.

April 5-9 Museums and the Web 2011
Philadelphia, USA

MW is the big annual North American conference that most of us look forward to in the museum sector. This year it is conveniently located in Philadelphia (meaning only a short train ride to New York and Washington) after last year in Denver and the previous year in Indianapolis. Apart from the high quality of the presentations and content, MW is a fantastic networking event for everyone who works with technology in the museum space – without ever being dominated by vendors and salespeople. Each year I come back inspired and challenged.

There’s quite a few people from the Powerhouse going this year. Our web manager, Luke Dearnley, is delivering a paper on APIs called Reprogramming the Museum, whilst our children’s website producer, Kate Lamerton is demoing new children’s web initiatives (the old ones were subjected to the Crit Room last year), and Dan Collins, our IT manager and also now project manager for the Museum Metadata Exchange is demoing the Exchange.

I’m running 2 web metrics workshops (beginner / advanced) as well as joining a panel evaluating the last three years of Flickr Commons and co-presenting a paper with Culture24’s Jane Finnis and Rachel Clements that discusses a large scale metrics project that I’ve been working on with them and the staff of 20 UK institutions.

This year’s MW has lots, as expected, on mobile with lots of papers including a breakout on augmented reality and also, this year, a mobile app/site crit room. There’s also a considerable number of papers, mini-workshops and professional forums that look at how to make museum online projects sustainable through better evaluation and consideration of collaborative models.

April 14-15 Museum3 presents Transformations in Cultural Communication 2011
RMIT, Melbourne

Museum3 who you may know from Ning has its third conference in Melbourne this year. A host of specialists from the various arms of the Smithsonian are speaking and giving workshops including Nancy Proctor on mobile, Caroline Payson & Mei Mah from the Cooper Hewitt, and John Haworth from the National Museum of the American Indian. I’m speaking on mobile with Nancy Proctor and also running a masterclass.

And although it isn’t an ‘open event’ I’ll also be at KiwiFoo in February and I’m very excited to be spending time with some fantastic thinkers and makers in NZ – including quite a few of the Kiwi readers of this blog. I’m hoping to live blog KiwiFoo!

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