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The honeypot effect: more on WaterWorx, the Powerhouse Museum’s iPad interactive

Photography by Geoff Friend, Powerhouse Museum. CC-BY-NC-ND

Week one of our iPad interactive – WaterWorx – and the feedback has been great from visitors and teachers alike.

Just to prove how much of a honeypot the iPads are, here’s a time-lapse from the day that the exhibition was soft launched. You can see the early morning final touches being added to the space, followed by the flurry of the first school visitors, and so on.

You can see for yourself the significant dwell times and people coming back for another go. And that’s awesome.

We’ve been deploying minor fixes as we go and the OtterBox Defender cases that we have been adapted to protect the iPads are being pushed to their limits!

(If you missed our first post that describes the game itself then you need to travel back in time a few days)

6 replies on “The honeypot effect: more on WaterWorx, the Powerhouse Museum’s iPad interactive”

I love the way you are analysing the outcomes of the project Seb. We know its fun to play as evidenced by the video and It will be great to see some research that backs up the anecdotal feedback on the effectiveness of the game in terms of learning outcomes in the near future.

I loved the game when I played it, and I’m 19!
Only thing I have to say against it, is I can’t find it on the App Store!

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