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Nina Simon – The Participatory Museum – Powerhouse Museum 9/12/09

A few days ago Nina Simon from Museum 2.0 gave a presentation to staff from the Museum and other cultural institutions in Sydney. Her talk, The Participatory Museum, was recorded live at the Powerhouse Museum and can be viewed below.

She has uploaded her slides to Slideshare too.

A huge thank you to Nina for her generosity in sharing her ideas and allowing us to share the recording with you.

Nina Simon on The Participatory Museum – Dec 2009, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney from Powerhouse Museum on Vimeo.

View more documents from Nina Simon.

2 replies on “Nina Simon – The Participatory Museum – Powerhouse Museum 9/12/09”

Show us a pic of the wall of Rubik cubes please!
Good to see Nina survived her NZ tramping excursions.

.. I love seeing “engagenz” up on the screen – in Sydney!

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