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Crosspost – Powerhouse seeks C64!

If you were like me and grew up with a Commodore 64 as your introduction to the world of programming and hacking then this is for you.

Over on our 80s exhibition blog a call has gone out.

We are seeking one or more C64s and games! We are looking for old C64s with an interesting provenance and plenty of good stories.

Can you help us?

For the record, I had (and still have) a Trilogic Expert Cartridge – these were amazing and were invaluable for working out how things worked inside games as well. The Expert Cartridge was especially good because it was reprogrammable, meaning that every few months a 5 1/4″ floppy would arrive in the mail from the UK with updates and patches for it. My parents used EasyScript to write several long academic publications and printed them out for the publisher on a ridiculously slow daisywheel printer; and my first forays with a drum machine were with Simon Pick‘s Microrhythm – a quite excellent C64 drum sequencer.

Of course I am lobbying hard to get the intro sound sample from Epyx’s Impossible Mission into the gallery – “Another visitor . . . stay a while . . . stay forever!”

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I have a C64 with 6 games on cartridges and I think some games on floppy disks (would need to check). What is your intention for using these machines. I am keeping it for my family but could lend it if there was a guarantee that it would be well looked after.

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