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NMC Technology Report for Aus/NZ is released

Earlier this year the Horizon New Media Consortium convened in Australia to develop up a Horizon report specifically for the local education space.

The report, detailing six technologies in the education sector to watch, has been released.

Here’s a snippet – but I encourage you to read and then send around. Remember these are technologies that are yet to ‘jump the chasm’ so there will be some contestation of the findings (there certainly was in the development meetings!).

We find ready examples of established use on campuses of the two technologies that appear on the nearest adoption horizon, virtual worlds & other immersive digital environments and cloud- based applications. Those in the mid-term horizon, geolocation and alternative input devices, are are already commonly in use in the consumer world, and educational examples are not difficult to find on campuses working on the leading edge of technology. As would be expected, the furthest horizon contains the two topics that have been least adopted: deep tagging and next-generation mobile. Even in this horizon, examples of campus use do exist, although they tend to be in the early stages of development.

Go and read the report (PDF)!