Fundraising and philanthropy

Support the Powerhouse Museum collection (and Fresh & New!)

Our annual Powerhouse Foundation appeal is finishing up for another year and so if you are a regular reader of Fresh & New(er) or have found the things that I write about here useful, then please consider making a donation to the Powerhouse Foundation.

You can donate any amount online, or choose one of the donation categories.

If you do decide to make a donation please consider mentioning this blog, Fresh & New, in your acknowledgement (which you can ‘hack’ as a notes field!). I’d be interested to see how much blog readers can collectively donate!

The Powerhouse Foundation exists to grow the Museum’s collection – not to fund everyday activities.

The Powerhouse Foundation was established in September 2004 for the purpose of enhancing the Museum’s ability to make strategic acquisitions that will enrich the legacy we pass on to future generations. The Foundation seeks to raise a $5 million endowment over the next four years.

Thank you for your support!