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Powerhouse’s first video on ABC Fora

Today the ABC’s new cross platform talks site, Fora put the first bit of Powerhouse Museum content online.

Recorded just yesterday, the talk covers the Powerhouse’s shoe collection and coincides with the new edition of our publication Stepping out: three centuries of shoes.

You can watch the talk on the ABC Fora website, share and embed it (as I have done below). The talk will also be available soon on the Museum’s own website as well as on D*Hub.

As the Fora editors write;

As anyone who has ever seriously considered spending more than $500 on a pair of shoes will suspect: shoes are so, so much more than mere fashion. And now these suspicions are confirmed. In this illustrated talk Louise Mitchell, author of “Stepping Out: Three Centuries of Shoes”, looks at the relationship between shoes and culture around the world, since the eighteenth century. Sandals, slippers, clogs and boots from Africa, Asia and Europe, the history of the humble shoe is fascinating and revealing. And the pictures are lovely, too.