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  • Cool, I’ll check it out. It seems to nicely bridge the bookmarking and URL-shortening apps you mention with Zotero, which has this snapshotting facility but no means at present to share what you snapped.
    Thinking laterally and looking at what, say, Firebug can achieve in terms of showing the developer the HTML and styles as inherited and rendered, I wonder if it might not be possible for them to do rather better in terms of showing the page as it was: the app should be able to save a rewrite the HTML as rendered, including assigning styles directly to all elements and not therefore relying on external stylesheets. In any case, it sounds like one of those incremental developments that can make a real difference.

  • Thanks, that’s really useful! I use Zotero for snapshots, but they’re not currently shareable.

    You’d have an amazing tool if you could combine the snippet-capturing abilities of Zotero with the public, permanent links of WebCite.

  • Yes, I second mia’s comment sounds like a great tool. May go have a play with it today.

  • What a fantastic idea.

  • Wow that is really weird. I write a comment but it shows up as being from Mia! Or pehaps she wrote much the same as me and mine got lost. Hey ho!