Collection databases

OPAC2.0 – New search result interface

Today we launched our new-look search results page for our collection database.

Finally we have been able to implement many of the minor UI changes that have been sitting in a long list of ‘fixes’ – fixes that have become more and more critical as we have added new types of search.

When a search is now performed the results are broken up into five categories – each of which are reported in a yellow box at the top of the results.

Selecting any of these categories automatically displays the category – quickly and neatly – with no additional page load.

The ‘result browser’ box now gives us additional room to add future search categories (such as semantic tag types – people, places etc), and the right-hand side has been re-organised as well. The ordering of search filters has been changed and we feel that it is now more logical and responsive.

Take a look.