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Entries from October 10th, 2007

Time spent on Facebook

October 10th, 2007 2 Comments

Compete is one of several comparative ISP anayltic services that are doing some interesting tracking of how US internet users are behaving on particular sites and comparing them with competitors. One of their recent reports examines how users are behaving once they are on Facebook. We all know


Jean Burgess on ‘Vernacular Creativity’

October 10th, 2007 Comments Off on Jean Burgess on ‘Vernacular Creativity’

I first met Jean Burgess when she was writing about music subcultures and she has been a keen blogger and highly engaged in youth and their interaction with media. Her PhD thesis, undertaken at QUT, is now available online and in it she explores the concept of ‘vernacular creativity’. Rather than seeing this as a […]


SaaS, FaaS, HaaS – Simon Wardley on open source and the commoditisation of IT

October 10th, 2007 1 Comment

Mike Ellis tipped me to Simon Wardley who recently presented at the Future of Web Apps in London. Whilst that particular presentation isn’t up as a video, Wardley’s slightly older but very similar in content, presentation from OSCON 2007 is. In a brilliant and witty presentation Wardley, much in the vein of Nick Carr, explores […]


Web Directions South 2007 – presentation and some thoughts

October 4th, 2007 Comments Off on Web Directions South 2007 – presentation and some thoughts

Web Directions South 07 was lots of fun and there were some great presentations over the two days. Unfortunately conferences are always full of choices and I missed several presentations I’d been looking forward to catching. That said, overall the quality was high and there were only a handful of dull moments. Most of the […]