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Ideum’s RSS Mixer and Widget-maker

July 20th, 2007 by Seb Chan

The seemingly unstoppable Ideum has come up with another cool utility. Hot on the heels of their website snapshot tool comes RSS Mixer.

As the name suggests, RSS Mixer takes a bunch of feeds (10 max) and combines them into a single feed which can be displayed as HTML and, best of all for us Mac users, as a prebuilt OS X Widget. Whilst there are a lot of other feed combining tools out there, the Widget-maker is currently unique.

Here’s a mix of all the current, operational Powerhouse Museum feeds . You can go an download an OS X widget of them for your shiny laptop, get a mix formatted for your iPhone, or get them in more beige-box friendly formats too.

Ideum is behind the Museum Blogs aggregator which already aggregates and combines multiple RSS feeds from many museum bloggers so it makes perfect sense to be releasing this tool.

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