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SxSW podcasts

The SxSW podcasts have started going up and for those who couldn’t be there because they are on the other side of the world then the podcasts offer a great way of listening to, but not participating in, the major panels and sessions from the festival.

I started with the Bruce Sterling keynote, mainly because Will Wright wasn’t up yet (only very short clips are online now and focus on the game demo rather than the storytelling intro section). True to form, Sterling is provocative and probing. Sterling looks at the ideas of Henry Jenkins, Lev Manovich and Yochai Benkler, all three of whom should be reasonably familiar names to Fresh + New readers. Sterling picks up on Benkler’s ‘common space peer production’ and breaks it down into a series of key points and guidelines.

Slightly less interesting, at least until the audience questions begin was Emerging Social and Technology Trends. The questions around emerging technology trends in the developing world/global South are particularly fascinating.

These are well recorded and eminently listenable podcasts for public transport. More should be appearing on the SxSW podcast archive soon.