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Dragon & The Pearl – a blog for children

The Museum has launched another public facing blog called The Dragon & The Pearl.

This blog supports a public program that is running until March 2007.

A mysterious crate arrives at the museum containing what is thought to be a dragon’s egg! The blog allows children of all ages to keep pace with what the Museum and the two specialists it invites in – a cryptozoologist and a dragonologist – think it might be and what develops when and if the egg hatches. Already a faint pulse can be heard by visitors from inside the egg!

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Hi Seb,
I have put my daughter’s primary school class onto this. They are doing China this term and are able to look at this blog via the smartboard they have in their class room. It has caused a fair bit of excitement and also generated a lot of requests to visit the dragons that are “hiding” at the Powerhouse.

We would like to see more blogs for children. We are kids who work at the human computer interaction lab at the university of Maryland. Can you tell us where to find more blogs for kids? Thanks!

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