ScreenSpeak presentation – Mike Jones

Here are the presentation slides from the ScreenSpeak Seminar at the Powerhouse Museum on the 6th May 2006.

They are licensed under Creative Commons.

Audio recordings of the talk : Part 1 | Part 2

Wikis, Blogs and the New World Order:

The produser, the digital native and the new tools of ‘text’.

 by Mike Jones

The internet is more than just an electronic library…! The form and function of the The Net expounds a very new sensibility of not only how to source and read a text, but also fundamentally changes our perspective on the creation of texts. This presentation will focus on two emerging textual/creative forms unique to the internet – Blogs and Wikis – and explore how these forms are created and function as proactive and collaborative constructs. The practicalities of using and creating Blogs and Wikis and their potential role in the classroom also allows for the consideration of new ideas about learning engagement, and the nature of the connections young people, as Digital Natives, form with digital texts.

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Thanks for the presentation today Mike, it was great :) I’m finishing a PhD on the HSC English syllabus, and am writing at the moment an analysis of whether the 1999 syllabus represents a real chage to the ‘grammar’ of the subject. The idea you presented about the ‘Closed Expert System’ has me thinking about how, even though the new HSC includes film, media and multimedia as options for study, this study is still centred around texts that are complete, or closed. And HSC learning leaves so little room for learning that is based on concepts of collaborative authorship or ongoing works. Does anyone else have thoughts on this? Mike – if you could point me in the direction of a reference for that Closed Expert System concept in relation to texts, that would be great.

Ré HSC and open texts:

I’ve found it strangely ironic that the HSC incorporates some new theories like deconstruction etc but when you look at the list of suggested texts, there are few fiction writers or poets there who could be called post modern writers. From the 70’s, there have been writers all over the world writing in a discontinuous and ruptured manner, using a range of techniques to dismantle the idea of the all-seeing author. They have sought to set up a different relationship between writer and reader. Many have used ‘collage’ as a way of writing, in fact this idea is about 100 years old, comes from the Dadaists. They have played with style and genre and just every aspect of writing.

Virtually none of these post modern writers have been taken up by the multi-national presses because of their alternative or oppositional views and that has meant that their work hasn’t been available. There is the opportunity now, because of the possibilities of internet publishing, for writers of that type to publish on the internet and become available in educational settings.

Kelli, your research sounds very interesting. There are a number of writers working with this idea of the Closed Expert System in a range of contexts – from software programming to cultural studies.

You certainly need to have a look at the work of John Hartley, Queensland University of Technology who particularly looks at TV.

QUT also have a WIKI related to Digital Storytelling embracing much of these ideas of an open system of authorship.

Also Christy Dena whos work looks at Digital Storytelling projects.

Thanks for the great presentation on Saturday, Mike – you gave us plenty to think about and explore. I had not considered studying web sites with my class but in fact they are perfect for country kids as the web is much more accessible than plays when a performance is hours away.

I love coming to watch your presentations, Mike. This was the third or fourth time I’ve seen you out there kickin’ it for the ETA, and every time I get so inspired… I used to have time to trawl the net and be cutting edge in all the amazing new developments out there, back when I was a uni student, so it really thrills me to have someone point me in the right direction now that I don’t have time… So thanks a bunch, and I’m looking forward to your next presentation already!

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