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There’s a really interesting article here from written by our old mate Lev Manovich that looks at ‘understanding meta-media’ and examines “what new media does to old media?” focusing particularly on the idea of simulation.
The article references some great new media works that explore the concept of ‘mapping’ as key framework for undertsanding the intersection.

“This is not accidental. The logic of meta-media fits well with other key aesthetic paradigms of today — the remixing of previous cultural forms of a given media (most visible in music, architecture, design, and fashion), and a second type of remixing — that of national cultural traditions now submerged into the medium of globalization. (the terms “postmodernism” and “globalization” can be used as aliases for these two remix paradigms.) Meta-media then can be thought alongside these two types of remixing as a third type: the remixing of interfaces of various cultural forms and of new software techniques — in short, the remix of culture and computers”