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Sampling / George Clinton & Hank Shocklee

Great discussion of George Clinton and Hank Shocklee at the Future Of Music conference in the USA.

A sample (ha!) of the discussion –

arguing for the sampler-as-instrument, shocklee wanted to stress that a particular performance–the presumably ‘original’ materials for which one might hold a copyright–is not always what sample-based producers are looking for: “sometimes we sample because we just want the sound.” he offered an example to clinton: “you’ve done some incredible things with the moog synthesizer in terms of filters, effects [etc.] … in order for us to get those sounds today [is impossible].”

To hear the ORIGINAL conversation you can grab it from here.

The rest of the conference panels are online here. There are some great topics being discussed incluidng blogging and podcasting as well as the future of distribution.